I have been known to draw people's dogs in a more serious portraiture style, to include people's dogs in cartoons, and to work on hand-drawn logos. If you would be interested in any of these services it's probably best to contact me via the Facebook page. 

I can make no guarantees that I will take on any projects. What's more, due to my severe anxiety, I'd rather you didn't contact me if you will need me to work to a very short deadline and/or you are relying on me for something vitally important. My favourite way to work is on a sort of pay-what-you-like basis: you set me a task, if I like the project I have a crack at it, and only if I do a piece that I'm pleased with will I share it with you, you then have the option as to whether or not to buy it, and decide how much for. (Basically, you commission me. I might do a drawing. Then I might share it with you. And you might pay me. And I might accept your payment. Argggh, I'm freaking out already. Why bother?)

If you send me a picture of your dog, I may just include it in one of my comics for free (though you would still have to pay to purchase the original). But please ask me about what form the photos should take; I am very particular.

Here are some examples of my work:

This is a logo for my mum's sandwich shop, Latimer's. I also designed her website (using a website builder).

This logo was commissioned for a weekly podcast series during the Edinburgh Fringe.

A commission of a cockerpoo named Lola.