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Hi, I'm Henry James Garrett, the artist (might be stretching that word) behind Drawings of Dogs. This is not a picture of me; this is my hound, Billie. She's a middle-aged Parson Russell Terrier. My parents finally acquiesced to my endless requests for a dog when I missed a year of school - due to illness - during my GCSEs. Billie helped me through this and many more life challenges by being the loyal, but cheeky, little so-and-so she is.

Drawings of Dogs began when I posted a humorous, dog-themed cartoon on Facebook whilst trying to distract myself from my impending Philosophy finals. I dream of one day being a philosophy professor, but if I was confident drawing dogs could be my job then I don't know which of these unrealistic career options I'd pick. Why not both? Right now I have a lot of time to work on the Drawings of Dogs business because I am suspended from my philosophy research (on empathy and metaethics don't you know) due to anxiety. Selling cards bearing my drawings of dogs is both an ambitious dream, and a form of therapy, for me. 

The designs are all drawn by me in Bristol. The jokes are also largely my own, although sometimes people give me a useful suggestion or help with the wording. The whole printing and manufacturing operation takes place in the beautiful city of Bristol, the city of my birth and current home. 

The following wonderful shops stock me:

The Watershed, Bristol.
Great White Art, Bristol.
The Cartoon Museum, London.
Appendage, Brighton.

I also sell the cards myself at Bristol's St. Nicholas Market and The Harbourside Market. But you'll have to check my Twitter to find out when I'm there. 

There's more on the FAQ page.

I am "DrawingsofDogs" on RedditImgurTumblrTwitterInstagram, and Facebook.